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Forrest Gump Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Forrest finds nighttime tough in the Army because he misses sweet Jenny.
  • One night, a guy throws him a pornography magazine, and guess who's in it? We'll wait.
  • Wow, you got that fast. Yep, it's Jenny. Turns out, Jenny was kicked out of college for wearing her college sweater during the porno shoot.
  • That little gig landed her another one singing folk songs naked in a live nude show theater, and Forrest goes to see her.
  • This is basically the saddest thing we've seen since Tyrion caught his dad with Shae.
  • All of the men jeer and want to see Jenny naked, while Forrest is just stoked that Jenny's dreams have come true because she's singing for an audience. Ouch. Right in the feels, Tom Hanks.
  • One of the men in the front row tries to put money in Jenny's shoe and harasses her. Springing into action, Forrest runs right down and pummels him.
  • Jenny flips and tells Forrest she's sick of him always trying to rescue her when she doesn't need rescuing. Forrest chases her down the street trying to apologize, saying he can't help himself because he loves her.
  • Jenny tells him he doesn't know what love is.
  • Does he remember when they were young, and Jenny asked him to pray for her to turn into a bird? He does. Jenny then asks him if she could fly off the bridge they're standing on.
  • We get the sense here that Jenny is having suicidal thoughts.
  • Jenny grabs a ride on the next truck that passes by and leaves. Before she goes, Forrest tells her that he's being sent off to Vietnam to fight in the war. Jenny tells him not to be brave if there's trouble but just to turn and run away. Forrest promises to write to her all of the time.
  • And, just like that, Jenny disappears from Forrest's life.
  • The last time we see him in the U.S., Forrest is sitting next to a pond beside his mother. She makes him promise to come back safely to her.

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