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Forrest Gump Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • It's off to Vietnam for Forrest and his best buddy, Bubba. (Try that three times fast.) They arrive in their camp and meet their superior, Lieutenant Dan Taylor.
  • Lt. Dan gives them some advice about staying alive in Vietnam, saying that the most important thing to remember is to keep their socks dry all of the time. Infections from wet feet are one of the biggest causes of death on the front lines.
  • Apparently, Lt. Dan has a fine family history. He can boast that a member of his family has fought and died in every American war, which might be why he almost has a sixth sense for spotting danger in the jungles of Vietnam.
  • Forrest ends up enjoying Vietnam because there's always something to do and somewhere to go. At one point, there was nothing but rain for four months.
  • Forrest and Bubba sleep back to back so they don't have to lay their heads in the mud. One night, Bubba asks Forrest to go into the shrimping business with him after the war ends.
  • All through the war, Forrest writes to Jenny, but she never responds. She's too busy becoming a hippie and traveling around the U.S.
  • One day, Forrest and his platoon finds themselves under attack. They run, and of course, Forrest is the fastest runner. Pretty soon, he's all alone because the others can't keep up. He turns and heads back to Bubba.
  • On the way, Forrest picks up his buddy Tex and carries him away from the trouble. Then, he heads back for Bubba. But, every time he goes back, he finds someone else who needs help and brings him first to safety.
  • One of those guys is Lt. Dan, who refuses to let Forrest help him. Forrest carries Lt. Dan away against his will and gets shot (or "bit," in Forrest's words) in the butt, with Lt. Dan screaming the whole time to be left behind.
  • Forrest goes back one last time for Bubba just as an airstrike is coming in. He finds Bubba and carries him away as the jungle explodes behind them. When they get to safety, Bubba asks why all of this has happened and then dies in Forrest's arms. Sniff.

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