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The French Connection Angie Boca (Arlene Farber)

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Angie Boca (Arlene Farber)

Ready to Canter

As Cloudy says, Sal's wifey is a "fast filly," which in 70s-speak means she keeps up with the boys, and supports her man Sal's criminal activities by car-switching and arm-candying whenever called for.

She also keeps the couple's candy store counter well staffed, flirting with the customers (including Cloudy, when he's undercover), and sometimes, just like all of us, gets a late-night craving for some pizza.

While not all of us like anchovies on that pizza, like young, beautiful, scrappy Angie does, we still admire her, somehow. Maybe it's her strength and street-smarts, maybe it's that crazy blonde beehive wig she wears when going out. Probably, though, it's the fact that she's the only semi-dimensional female character in this boy's club of a movie.

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