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The French Connection Gender

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CLOUDY: What for, you wanna play hide the salami with his old lady?


When Popeye suggests they tail Sal, of course the pretty lady on Sal's arm is the first (comedic) explanation.

POPEYE: Miss, uh can I ask you about those boots there?

No matter the decade, no matter the neighborhood, no woman walking alone in the dark wants to be consulted about her footwear. (Also, why is Popeye so into women in boots?)

POPEYE: That crazy kid. She locked me up with my own cuffs.

Just like calling a dude with an Afro "Haircut," calling a grown woman a "kid" seems like it might be a way to minimize a person.

CLOUDY: (holding up a pair of women's panties) These yours, darling?

Here, just as Popeye calls his one-night-stand "kid," Cloudy calls Popeye "darling," as a way to get his goat. It's a female softness that's out of place in their man's world. Also, why does Popeye still have his hook-up's boots?!

MULDERIG: You still wearing your gun at your ankle? I heard it was so when you meet a girl and rub up against her, she doesn't know you're a cop. I call bulls***. It's probably some quick-draw thing or whatever.

Professional prowess or romance: which is worse, Agent Mulderig?

CLOUDY: (undercover, to Angie Boca) Listen I wanna get a blouse like that for my girlfriend but I want you to model it.

ANGIE: Better not let my husband hear that.

Of course, Angie is a criminal too, and she'll do it for 200 bucks. Money is money, and sex is power.

POPEYE: (to woman in bar bust) Get that hair done before Saturday.

This is a throwaway line, as the cops leave the bar, but that doesn't stop it from being a power move, does it?

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