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The French Connection Rules and Order

Rules and Order

SIMONSON: You grab a bellhop 'cause he's got three joints in his sock.

This makes us wonder, are folks in the service industry easy marks? What does that mean when it comes to filling the jails?

CLOUDY: Because our department has about 908 bucks to make buys, and they can get all they want from "Uncle Sap." (about the Feds)

If the Feds are the local police unit's banker, then what does that do to their day-to-day working relationship? Who's got the power?

CHARNIER: I haven't spent five minutes in New York without the company of a policeman.

Maybe Popeye and Co. should go into the bodyguard business, instead of worrying about gathering all that pesky evidence.

CHARNIER: He sees policemen in his soup. He's not wrong.

We see letters, but that's probably because we're eating alphabet soup...

POPEYE: Police emergency! I need your car.

So is it true that a cop can just take [often your most expensive possession] if they need it? Maybe. Did Popeye need that car? Did he need to go after Nicoli in the first place?

COP ON TRAIN: You're not going to get away with this. Put the gun down.

Sometimes the threat of punishment isn't quite enough. Right, Nicoli?

PERP: Man, I have my rights.

MULDERIG: What do you mean, rights?

Not once do you hear the Miranda Warning being read during this movie. Go figure.

SIMONSON: You couldn't burn a three-time loser with this garbage you're bringing in here.

It's the lawyer's job to make the case, sureā€¦ but is it the cop's to gather the evidence to make the arrest stick?

POPEYE: This was our case, originally. We don't want any Feds screwing it up.

For Popeye, it's not always about the law, is it? He gets pretty possessive... about everything.

WEINSTOCK: This is why your phone lines are tapped and the feds are crawling all over you like fleas.

We bet cops love being compared to fleas. Actually, you know what? Popeye might be okay with it.

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