Study Guide

The French Connection Scene 1

Scene 1

Scene 1

  • We're in Marseille, and the camera zooms on the French seaside city.
  • A man leaves a bakery, eating a pastry. He walks across the street watching as two men leave a restaurant, speaking inaudibly.
  • The men get into a car and the pastry man watches them go.
  • The man is now sitting at an outdoor cafe, still on the lookout.
  • The dude then goes into an alley, walks into a bakery for a loaf of bread, and then continues on.
  • He enters an apartment building, and opens the mailbox.
  • As he removes his mail, he sees that a man is standing in the vestibule, a gun drawn.
  • The gunman shoots the man in the face. He stows his gun, taking the man's bread—come on, man: stealing a dead guy's bread?—and stepping over his body to leave.

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