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The French Connection Scene 10

Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Popeye and Cloudy are back at the police station, trying to convince Captain Simonson to let them follow the lead, but he says they should be in Bed-Stuy (a Brooklyn neighborhood), and not Ridgewood, Queens, where they've been staking out Sal.
  • Popeye and Cloudy plead with Simonson, saying that everyone wants to collar Weinstock, and here's their chance.
  • Simonson is unsure, saying they don't have enough evidence to get warrants or anything. Plus, he says, they may lead the district on drug arrests, but everyone they pick up is a minor offender.
  • Cloudy mentions that there's no dope anywhere lately, and that it's the perfect opportunity for some criminals to make a lot of money opening up the drug market again.
  • Popeye believes that Sal's the one who's going to do it, along with Weinstock.
  • Simonson asks Cloudy if he believes Popeye's hunch, and he says, "I go with my partner."
  • It's clear that Simonson has been worn down, once he starts asking how many wires they'll need (two—one on Sal's store, and one on his house), and once he consents, Popeye chuckles, and the two partners grab their coats.
  • "You still pickin' your feet in Poughkeepsie?" Simonson asks Popeye, with a serious face. Popeye just chuckles and puts on his pork-pie. (Don't know what this feet-picking thing is? You're not alone. Head on over to Trivia for an explanation.)

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