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The French Connection Scene 11

Scene 11

Scene 11

  • First we see the gentle winding of a film camera, and then a group of reporters, and then finally Henri Devereaux, the star who's made a deal with Charnier at the French fortress.
  • Devereaux, having arrived in NYC, is giving a press conference.
  • "Why did you choose to arrive by ship?" an American reporter asks. After his translator explains, Devereaux says that it being his first time in NY, he knew it would be stressful, and "the middle of the ocean is the only place where the telephone isn't ringing all the time."
  • Beyond them, a car is being raised from the ship to shore. (This is an important car, as we'll find out later.) It's driven from the dock, as Charnier and Nicoli watch its progress from far away.

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