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The French Connection Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Sal walks through the airport, and purchases a round trip ticket to Washington DC, as does Klein, who's tailing him.
  • On the National Mall, Charnier gets out of a chauffeured limo and meets Sal. They walk together, discussing the deal.
  • Charnier says "the switch" has to be made by the end of the week, despite Sal wanting to wait. Everyone's aware the cops are just gagging to take them down.
  • The camera reverses focus to Klein, who's sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Monument with binoculars, being totally inconspicuous.
  • On the plane, Charnier meets up with Nicoli, and brings him up to speed. Charnier says that the guy who's been tailing him (that's Popeye) is the real problem. Nicoli wants to take him out, but Charnier says no.

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