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The French Connection Scene 2

Scene 2

Scene 2

  • We're now in Brooklyn, USA. We're on a typical New York street: a hot dog vendor in the foreground, and a Santa in the background talking to some kids, all in front of the Oasis Bar & Grill.
  • Santa asks two adorable children what their names are, and what they want for Christmas.
  • The camera cuts back to the hot dog vendor for a moment, who is serving a customer.
  • Santa looks into the bar, to see two men nodding their heads at the jukebox, then asks the kids to sing "Jingle Bells."
  • Omg, Santa is a cop. We knew it!
  • The song is a signal, and the vendor heads into the bar, looking for something or someone.
  • He begins to strip the (exclusively African American) crowd of weapons and drugs, and one man tries to run away.
  • As the vendor runs out of the bar, Santa follows suit, and the pursued man slices the vendor's arm with a switchblade and continues to run.
  • The camera moves back and forth between the pursued man and the Santa/hotdog man pursuers as they run.
  • At last, Santa and the vendor catch up to the man when he falls in an empty lot. They begin to punch and kick him, but the vendor tells Santa it's enough. "Don't kill him!"
  • Too late; Santa has aggro'd
  • Santa and the vendor drag the man into an alley.
  • Santa continues to attack him, and the vendor tells him to ease up, as they cuff the man.
  • "You got a friend here, Jimmy," the vendor says, and then turns to the cuffed man, whose face is bleeding. "You gonna tell us who your man is?"
  • "When's the last time you picked your feet, Willie?" asks Santa, trying to get him confused enough to reveal something.
  • The vendor and Santa play good cop/bad, until Santa says that he'll be arrested for the three bags of dope they found on him. (There's a sentence you'd never thought you'd read, huh?)

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