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The French Connection Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • The next scene opens on the broken glass and smoking ruins of a bad car accident, police radio chatter fuzzy on the soundtrack. There's a dead man in the car, and a dead woman laid out on the ground. (It's super-gory.)
  • A police car arrives, carrying Cap. Simonson, Popeye, Cloudy, and Mulderig.
  • The cops debrief the captain on the accident, while Popeye tries to make a case for staying on the, well, case.
  • Cloudy thinks the drop already happened, but Popeye says he has a hunch. Mulderig brings up his last bad hunch, when a cop died as a result.
  • The two fight, while Simonson yells that they've been working on the case for two months (which, to be honest, was a bit surprising to us on the first watch) and haven't made any arrests, so he takes Popeye off the case.

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