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The French Connection Scene 24

Scene 24

Scene 24

  • The film cuts to very different scenery: a large crystal chandelier, then pans down to Devereaux, entering the hotel. Charnier is waiting for him in the lobby.
  • Charnier asks if he got the car, and if he was followed, then for another favor.
  • But the movie star says he's had enough. Charnier says the police know he brought the car into the country, that he's already an accomplice.
  • Devereaux says he doesn't care; he's out. Charnier offers him more money, but he won't have it, and leaves.
  • Charnier drives the car from the hotel garage, onto the highway, and out of the dense city, to a small road leading underneath a bridge.
  • Lou appears, and gestures for him to turn.
  • Charnier does, and parks the Lincoln beside a disused outbuilding, where a couple handfuls of men—including Sal and Weinstock—are waiting.
  • A man removes the rocker panels as everyone looks on, and then withdraws one bag. The chemist tests it (this time with a less involved set up) and is satisfied with the results.
  • Lou pries open a panel in the wall and the men transfer the drugs from the Lincoln to the wall compartment.
  • Charnier opens two large briefcases of cash and the men put the cash in the wheel wells of that 4-door rambler Lou bought at the police auction.
  • A tow truck drags out the 4-door rambler, and the men shake hands. Sal and Lou embrace happily, and Sal drives the Lincoln back toward the city, Charnier in the passenger seat.
  • But not so fast! Popeye and the gang, plus a bunch of other cops, have the highway ramp blocked. Popeye waves to the guys, who turn around quickly. The cop cars follow in quick pursuit.
  • Sal and Charnier get out of the Lincoln to spread the bad news. Charnier runs into a large old building, everyone else scatters.
  • "This is the police. You're surrounded. Come out with your hands up!" Cloudy says through a megaphone as Popeye runs into the building after Charnier.
  • Popeye kicks open a door, and walks into the old building, full of junk and decay. He ducks through doorways and under beams, scanning for any sign of life.
  • Mulderig walks slowly through the main room.
  • Outside, a group of Sal's men take aim at a cop, which starts a firefight. Cloudy calls for gas, and Sal run from the building. Cloudy shoots him, and he falls into a pile of trash and cardboard boxes.
  • The other men come out with their hands up.
  • Meanwhile, Popeye is walking through the basement, and sees the swipe of a coat across the room, then hears his name, swivels, and sees Cloudy, there to back him up.
  • "Frog One is in that room," Popeye says. They progress slowly forward.
  • Just then, at the other end of the room, a figure enters. Popeye turns and shoots five times, yelling "Drop it!" then running with Cloudy over to the man.
  • Cloudy checks the body. It's Mulderig, and he's dead. "You shot Mulderig," Cloudy says, but Popeye doesn't seem to care.
  • "The son of a b**** is here. I saw him. I'm gonna get him," he says, panting, and reloading his gun, making off across the room.
  • Popeye runs out of sight, and then a gun goes off.
  • The screen turns black.

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