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The French Connection Scene 25

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Scene 25

Scene 25

  • A freeze frame of Joel Weinstock, with text reading: "JOEL WEINSTOCK was indicted by a Grand Jury. Case dismissed for "lack of proper evidence."
  • A freeze frame of Angie Boca: "ANGIE BOCA, guilty of a misdemeanor. Sentence suspended."
  • Lou: "Guilty of narcotics. Sentence reduced."
  • Devereaux: "Guilty of conspiracy. Served four years in a Federal Penitentiary."
  • Charnier: "ALAIN CHARNIER was never caught. He is believed to be living in France."
  • Popeye and Cloudy: "Detectives DOYLE and RUSSO were transferred out of the Narcotics Bureau and reassigned."
  • Roll credits, white on black, to a low, slow jazz number.

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