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The French Connection Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • We meet back up with Popeye outside the bar, waiting with. A pretty blonde walks by in white boots, and Popeye asks about them, which makes her hurry away. He laughs.
  • Cloudy sits reclined in the car, and Popeye joins him.
  • At last, the high roller table comes out, and the cops watch as the big spender kisses everyone goodbye.
  • At last, the big spender is getting into his car, and the cops get ready to follow.
  • They follow the man's LTD across the bridge.
  • It's 7 o'clock in the morning, and they're still waiting for him to go home.
  • The man leaves another bar, and they follow him into Little Italy.
  • He parks and takes a briefcase out of his trunk, smoking a cigar.
  • From Popeye and Cloudy's perspective in their own car, we watch the man buzz a doorbell, as they talk about whether or not he's on his way to a drug deal.
  • Popeye gets out of the car covertly, as Cloudy watches the man's girlfriend, who's yawning in the LTD.
  • The man crosses the street without the briefcase and sets off. Popeye gets back in the car and they follow them back across the bridge, where they park and switch cars.
  • At another location, the man parks and drops off two stacks of newspapers tied with strings. It's "Sal & Angie's," a small candy-and-coffee shop, and Popeye and Cloudy can see the couple inside, drinking coffee and putting together the newspapers: they are the owners.

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