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The French Connection Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Alain Charnier arrives at the ruins of an island fortress and walks from the dock up to the roof. He's meeting the guy from the first scene of the movie—you know, the guy who shot the other dude and then stole his bread.
  • "It had to be done," the murderer, named Pierre Nicoli, says to Alain Charnier (in French). Is he talking about murder, or bread-stealing?
  • Charnier and Nicoli discuss whether the movie star (who's about to meet them) should be involved in their enterprise.
  • Charnier says the movie star needs the money, and that his fame will provide a distraction from their true motives. Still, Nicoli doesn't trust him.
  • The movie star, Henri Devereaux, arrives and greets Charnier. He's introduced to Nicoli. Devereaux consents to be part of the deal.

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