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From Here to Eternity The Kiss on the Beach

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The Kiss on the Beach

We're going to drag a ridiculous song out of the 90s nostalgia vaults just for this occasion: Vengaboys' "Sex on the Beach." (There is literally no other instance where this song is appropriate… and there are exactly zero instances where this song could be defined as "good.")

But hey—it's From Here To Eternity that made the idea of sand-itchy surf-necking seem appealing in the first place.

The kiss is the most famous single image in the whole movie—and more famous than most other iconic movie stills. In fact, it's so famous that we're not even going to link it in. Just Google Image search "From Here To Eternity" if you don't know what we're talking about… you'll get about a million images.

It's pretty hot, right?

Funny enough, it wasn't even in the script (which only called for a standing-up kiss). As it happened though, Sgt. Warden and Karen Holmes commence their affair by making out on the beach, lying down on the sand as a wave crashes over them. It's been parodied and repeated in about a thousand different TV shows and movies, from Airplane! to The Simpsons.

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