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From Here to Eternity Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • Having left the bugle corps on the mainland U.S., Robert E. Lee Prewitt arrives at Schofield Barracks on Oahu, Hawaii, where he's joining an infantry company.
  • He runs into his old friend, Angelo Maggio, explaining what happened.
  • He also meets Sgt. Warden, who strictly orders him not to hang out and play pool or do anything fun.
  • Prewitt goes to meet Captain Holmes, and has to explain why he quit the bugle corps: he was passed over for chief bugler and was irritated because thought he was a better bugler.
  • Holmes wants Prewitt to box, but Prewitt says he doesn't want to—he accidentally blinded a friend in the ring, and quit.
  • Holmes strictly addresses him, but says they won't pressure him to do it.
  • After Holmes leaves, Warden tells Prewitt that this was a bad idea—Holmes isn't going to just take "No" for "No."
  • They spot Captain Holmes' wife, and Warden checks her out. He urges Prewitt to fight, telling him the individual doesn't matter in the army, but Prewitt remains undeterred.
  • After Prewitt leaves, Warden continues checking out Karen Holmes. A company clerk tells him that Karen Holmes has had affairs with other soldiers.
  • Karen stops and talks to him, looking for Captain Holmes.

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