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From Here to Eternity Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • In her bedroom, Karen Holmes sits combing her hair, when Captain Holmes comes in. Holmes complains about the promotion he's waiting for (and isn't getting) from the general.
  • When Karen says she was looking for him, Holmes says he was visiting a girlfriend. They apparently have an open relationship.
  • They argue about something bad that happened in the past—Captain Holmes claiming it was an "accident." Karen kicks him out of her bedroom.
  • In a barracks lounge, some soldiers are relaxing. Prewitt's playing pool. The company boxers come up to him and try to convince him to fight.
  • They're initially respectful but then start to get threatening. Maggio sticks up for Prewitt, and Prewitt tells them to mess with him if they want to, but he won't fight.
  • After talking in the barracks with another soldier, and trying to figure out Warden's deal, Prewitt marches with the other soldiers on the army grounds. The sergeant starts bullying Prewitt and acting like he wasn't marching correctly.
  • The same bullying happens, when they're putting together their rifles. Prewitt finishes first, and the sergeant acts like he didn't do it right, and makes him run laps.
  • There's more phony punishment when they're working out outside. When Maggio sticks up for Prewitt, he has to run too.
  • Meanwhile, Warden continues his Karen Holmes fixation. Captain Holmes urges Warden to go out and have more fun in the world—ironic, considering Warden's thoughts.
  • In the rain, Warden walks over to Holmes' house, acting like he's looking for the Captain. Karen Holmes lets him in.
  • He starts hitting on her, but things get serious when Karen expresses the misery to which her marriage has led her, talking about how it's wasted her life, and left her without children.
  • Before Warden leaves, he kisses her.

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