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From Here to Eternity Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • With Prewitt, the bullying resumes. After commiserating with another sympathetic soldier, Prewitt gets mud splashed in his face by a sergeant while crawling and gets forced to dig a giant ditch and re-fill it.
  • We see a bunch of soldiers singing and playing the song "Re-Enlistment Blues" as Prewitt listens on his bed.
  • While at the boxing ring, Prewitt is doing some chores. Another sergeant tries to bully him into cleaning up after intentionally spilling a bucket on him.
  • Prewitt refuses, and Captain Holmes forces Prewitt to go on multiple marches up a mountain. The soldier who supervises him sympathetically shares a cigarette with him.
  • Holmes forces Prewitt to do it all over again once he comes back.
  • Holmes tells Warden to prepare court-martial papers against Prewitt, but Warden convinces him to double company punishment instead. Holmes agrees.
  • We see Prewitt and Maggio working in the barracks kitchen.
  • Warden shows up and somewhat hostilely jokes with Prewitt—they try to figure out what new duties Prewitt can do. But Prewitt remains resistant. He won't box.
  • Warden and an old soldier talk about Holmes. When the other soldier chides him, Warden says he won't be Holmes' stooge much longer—he doesn't like it.
  • At a bar, another soldier is telling Prewitt to lodge an official complaint against Holmes. But Prewitt refuses—he won't give them the satisfaction. He demonstrates his ace bugling skills. Warden and Maggio and everyone else seem impressed.
  • Sgt. Judson enters and grabs a picture of Maggio's sister from Maggio. He kisses it, and then Maggio hits him over the head with a stool.
  • They almost get into a fight, but Warden breaks it up. Judson threatens to beat Maggio if he ever ends up in the stockade.
  • Outside, Prewitt and Warden have a pleasant moment of reconciliation.

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