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From Here to Eternity Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • When the soldiers are getting ready to go into town, Maggio hangs back for a little. But a sergeant finds him and takes away his weekend pass—a guard got sick, and now Maggio has to pull guard duty.
  • At the New Congress Club, Lorene and Prewitt argue. She's busy, but Prewitt wants to spend time with her. Mrs. Kipfer pleasantly urges her to go chat with the other guys.
  • Lorene tells him her real name is Alma Burke, and that Mrs. Kipfer picked her fake name from a perfume ad.
  • Alma sneaks away from the club, pretending to be sick, to hang out with Prewitt at a bar. Prewitt tells her about bugling, and how he got to play "Taps" at Arlington National Cemetery in front of the President.
  • A drunk Maggio shows up—he's left his post in order to go drink. He's technically AWOL (absent without leave).
  • Outside, a drunk, shirtless Maggio is lying around. Prewitt finds him and tries to drag him back before he gets caught.
  • He goes to get him a cab, but military policemen arrest Maggio before Prewitt comes back.
  • Later, at the barracks, the soldiers talk about how Maggio's being court-martialed. Warden tells Prewitt he'll let him know what happens. He gets a phone call and finds out that Maggio's been sentenced to six months in the stockade.
  • We see Maggio walking into the stockade. He tells the guard he'll manage to escape. Inside, Judson confronts him, clearly relishing the opportunity to start beating him up. Judson grabs a truncheon off the table and moves towards Maggio.

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