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From Here to Eternity Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • We cut to Prewitt and Lorene hanging out at her place. He meets her roommate, and relaxes while Lorene makes drinks.
  • At night, Warden and Karen Holmes are having a rendezvous of their own, listening to music at an outdoor bar. But they leave when some soldiers come in, to avoid being detected.
  • Driving away, Karen and Warden discuss their future plans. They're both tired of sneaking around. Karen discusses divorcing Holmes.
  • She wants Warden to apply for officer training so he can leave Holmes' unit. Warden doesn't like officers and doesn't want to do it. They argue about it. They both admit that they're in love but miserable.
  • Back with Lorene and Prewitt, they're having an argument. Prewitt suggests marrying her, but  Lorene seems reluctant. She admits its because she doesn't want to marry a soldier. She wants a financially secure and "proper" life. But she's lonely and still wants to date Prewitt for that reason. He relents.
  • At Captain Holmes' house, he and Karen are discussing divorce. He knows she's having an affair, but he doesn't want the divorce since it would hurt his chances for a promotion.
  • On the military grounds, Prewitt and other soldiers are weeding. Another soldier who was released from the stockade tells Prewitt that Judson's been beating Maggio up over and over again.
  • A sergeant, Ike Galovitch, tries to bully him into boxing—he steps on Prewitt's fingers while he's weeding and they get into a big fight.
  • After a prolonged fight, Prewitt wins. Captain Holmes steps in, and even though the soldiers say Galovitch started it, Holmes does nothing… but he doesn't realize that the base commander saw the whole thing from a balcony.

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