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From Here to Eternity Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Prewitt jams with other soldiers as they play "Re-Enlistment Blues." He's clearly very drunk.
  • He wanders over to an extremely drunk Warden and they drink together, talking, and sharing a bottle in the middle of the road. They commiserate about their problems. Warden says he doesn't want to be an officer or be a guy like Holmes.
  • A Jeep almost runs them over, but stops short.
  • Maggio suddenly arrives—badly beaten, he's escaped the stockade. He falls into Prewitt's arms and tells him about how Judson beat him over and over again. Maggio dies in his arms.
  • At night, the soldiers hear Prewitt playing "Taps" for Maggio.
  • Later, in town, Prewitt tracks down Judson. Judson doesn't seem to realize that Prewitt was Maggio's friend.
  • Prewitt challenges him to a fight in a dark alley—not intending to kill Judson. But when Judson pulls a knife, Prewitt pulls his too (the one Judson dropped after pulling it on Maggio in the bar earlier). They fight. Prewitt kills Judson, and Judson seriously wounds Prewitt.
  • Bleeding, Prewitt arrives at Alma's. Extremely concerned, she takes care of him.
  • The next morning, Warden reads about Judson's murder in the newspaper, and the soldiers drill. A soldier arrives and tells Warden that Prewitt's been absent without leave for three days now.
  • Meanwhile, General Slater—the base commander—listens to a report in his office explaining how Captain Holmes abused Prewitt. Slater tells Holmes they're going to court-martial him—unless Holmes resigns. Holmes agrees to do so.
  • Then an officer threatens the sergeants, since they bullied Holmes, and demotes Sgt. Galovitch to private.
  • Karen Holmes calls Warden and begs to see him.
  • She meets Warden on a bench near the ocean. Warden explains he couldn't get himself to apply to become an officer. She's very disappointed… Warden tells her about Prewitt and how he's in trouble. He's worried about him.
  • Karen accuses him of not wanting to marry her and already being married to the army. But she admits that he does love her when he says he does.
  • They say goodbye. Warden says they'll meet again… somewhere. Karen agrees.

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