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From Here to Eternity Love

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In From Here To Eternity, love runs in two directions—towards people and towards higher causes (which also have living people behind them). Prewitt and Alma fall in love, and so do Karen and Warden.

But Prewitt and Warden are also in love with the army, which proves to be their most lasting attachment. They both risk life and limb for it, and for Prewitt, it costs him his life. A good part of the movie's dramatic tension comes from this conflict between personal and patriotic love.

Questions About Love

  1. Do Prewitt and Warden love the army more than their girlfriends? Or is it circumstance that tears them apart?
  2. Can you love an institution (or a belief) as much as you love a person? Give examples from the movie—or any you can think of—to make your point.
  3. Does Lorene love Prewitt? How does her attitude towards him change during the movie?
  4. Do you think that Karen and Warden will meet again, as they say to each other? Why or why not?

Chew on This

In From Here To Eternity, love is a constructive force. It keeps people knitted together and committed to each other.

In From Here To Eternity, love is destructive. It seems to cause endless difficulties for Prewitt, Alma, Warden, and Karen.

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