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From Russia With Love What's Up With The Ending?

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What's Up With The Ending?

That's Amore?

Sparks fly at the end of From Russia with Love and it's gonna get hot in here. The action, romantic and otherwise, ramps up and doesn't stop.

Bond eventually realizes Grant's the bad guy and kills him after an epic fight on the train. There's no time to apologize to Tania for slapping her around, because SPECTRE's on their tail. There's a dramatic helicopter chase where Bond, on foot, must combat a chopper swooping down to give him more than a haircut with its spinning blades. In one of the film's most heroic moments, Bond shoots the co-pilot seconds after the man pulls the pin to a grenade. Chopper goes boom.

More explosions (but still no apology) follow when Bond and Tania are pursued by SPECTRE speedboats on their way to Venice. Bond dumps fuel barrels in the water and blows them up.

Surprisingly, it's Tania who gets the film's final shot. When Klebb attempts to steal the Lektor for herself, Tania pulls the trigger and deep-sixes Number Three. It's a move that allows her to show that her loyalty lies with Bond.

This being a franchise, we know Bond's going to dump her by the time Goldfinger rolls around. Consider she might be using him, too, to get out of Russia and have a new British identity. Maybe the promise of a peaceful teatime and a strong cup of Earl Gray is too strong an allure to ignore.

Anyway, the film ends like many Bond films: 007, having come within an inch of death, with his flavor-of-the moment lady love.

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