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From Russia With Love Blofeld aka Number One (Anthony Dawson (voiced by Eric Pohlmann))

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Blofeld aka Number One (Anthony Dawson (voiced by Eric Pohlmann))

Criminal Disastermind

For his big-screen debut in From Russia with Love, Number One—the head of SPECTRE —is more like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget than Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. We never see his face, only his hand stroking his fluffy white cat, inspiring Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers films and other wannabes worldwide with this villainous trope. Don't tell us you've never done it: stroked an imaginary cat while grinning maliciously.

We're not sure exactly what Number One's job duties are other than bossing around those with numbers lower than one and doling out lethal punishment when they fail. He lets his subordinates come up with the plan and do all the work. He talks a big game, too.

NUMBER ONE: SPECTRE always delivers what it promises.

But this turns out to be false, as Number One's henchman aren't able to get their hands on the Lektor machine. Bond beats them all in the end. 007 is still >1.

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