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Thugs ()

The Expendables

Even though they're at the mercy of Number One, the other numbered agents in SPECTRE get one valuable job benefit: henchman.

MVH (Most Valuable Henchperson) goes to Morzeny (Walter Gotell). A SPECTRE agent with an X-shaped scar on his face, Morzeny oversees training on SPECTRE Island. At the end of the movie, he follows Number One's order to kill Kronsteen then, minutes later, pursues Bond by speedboat across the Mediterranean. The film doesn't indicate any time lapse, making it seem like Morzeny has the power of teleportation.

Another notable henchman is Krilencu (Fred Haggerty), a Bulgarian assassin working for the Russians. Krilencu is a thorn in Bey's side, bombing Bey's office and attacking the Romani who are Bey's allies. He also wounds Bey by shooting him in the arm.

In one of the film's weirder scenes, Krilencu attempts to escape from a secret hatch in his apartment. The hatch opens up in the mouth of a giant movie poster featuring Swedish siren Anita Ekberg. Bond prefers his women speaking sweet nothings instead of Bulgarian assassins, so he helps Bey shoot Krilencu dead.

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