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From Russia With Love Betrayal

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KLEBB: I have selected a suitable girl from the Russian Consulate in Istanbul. She's capable, cooperative, and her loyalty to the state is beyond question.

Klebb, a.k.a. Number Three, uses Tania's loyalty to Mother Russia to trick her into betraying her own country. Of course, Klebb is the ultimate betrayer, having left the Soviet intelligence machine to work for SPECTRE and undermine her ex-employer.

HOTEL MANAGER: Tell him that's all there is. Unless he would like the bridal suite.

Moments before Bond checks into his hotel, Bey tells him that all observations between rivals are done in the open. We quickly see that's not true as the hotel manager relocates Bond to a suite where he can easily be observed.

BEY: Our friends were evicted while the Public Works Ministry conducted a survey. The story was that that heavy traffic shook the foundations. By the time the place was declared safe, I had this installed.

The betrayal of the gentleman's agreement that observations be done in the open runs both ways. In the catacombs of Istanbul, Bey shows Bond an observation chamber he built without the Russians' knowledge. Both sides are still as sneaky as they ever were.

GRANT/NASH: You may know the right wines but you're the one on your knees. How does it feel, old man?

Grant masquerades as Nash, an ally to Bond. But he soon betrays him and in typical Grant style acts all cocky for pulling the wool over Bond's eyes for as long as he did.

BOND: Well, why kill her?


Even though Tania's only following orders, Bond sees that SPECTRE has no true loyalty. They plan to kill her even though she's helped them achieve their goals flawlessly.

NUMBER ONE: We do not tolerate failure, Number Three. You know the penalty.

Although it's been alluded to that SPECTRE would wipe out Grant if it served a purpose, here we see that Number One is true to his word. He kills Kronsteen, one of his loyal agents, simply because he made a mistake. This shows a big contrast between SPECTRE and MI6, which, we assume, would never willingly off one of their own agents.

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