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CHESS OPPONENT: My congratulations, sir. A brilliant coup.

Kronsteen's a master chess player, and he takes pride in his skills. Chess is a game that requires its players to think many moves ahead if they hope to win the game. Kronsteen thinks he can outwit Bond, but can he? Once you witness Kronsteen's fate at the end of the film, this scene's irony becomes clear.

KRONSTEEN: According to your instructions, I've planned for SPECTRE to steal from the Russians their new Lektor decoding machine. For this, we need the services of a female member of the Russian Cryptograph Section in Turkey and the help of the British Secret Service. Naturally, neither the Russians nor the British will be aware that they are now working for us.

Kronsteen is cocky and confident that his plan will work. He has every right to be because his plan does work…right up until the point where it doesn't.

KRONSTEEN: As an added refinement, I think SPECTRE would probably have the chance of a personal revenge for the killing of our operative... Dr. No.

SPECTRE takes pride in being all powerful. Of course, we know they did fail back in Dr. No, so maybe they're not as powerful as they think? The prideful organization wants to take this opportunity to avenge its bruised ego by taking out 007.

NUMBER ONE: Let his death be a particularly unpleasant and humiliating one.

SPECTRE doesn't just want Bond dead, they want to disgrace him, and by extension England, in his death. It's a way for SPECTRE to restore its own pride broken at the hands of Bond.

BOND: I hope you're not... disappointed.

Upon meeting Tania, Bond—who has a reputation of being the ultimate womanizer—comes across as meek and sheepish. Is his bravado an act? Or is this "insecure man" behavior an act to get her to warm up to him?

BEY: I've had a particularly fascinating life. Would you like to hear about it?

Bey gets a little cocky after capturing the spy aboard the train. He doesn't consider the fact that a third party might be in play. His confidence that he's won yet again leads him to let his guard down, which ends up causing his death.

GRANT/NASH: It's from her, threatening to give the film to the press unless you marry her for helping you get the Lektor. […] Taken in the bridal suite at your hotel. Something else the girl didn't know about. Or you. […] Can't you see the headlines? "British agent murders beautiful Russian spy, then commits suicide."

Here we see SPECTRE's plan to not only get the Lektor machine but to bruise England's reputation in the eyes of the world. By framing Bond, they would disgrace MI6's reputation as a league of gentlemen.

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