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From Russia With Love Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • The film begins with the classic Bond gun barrel sequence, bringing us into the action with a bang.
  • From there, we transition to a dark night. Not stormy, just dark.
  • Bond, dressed as if for an upper-class garden party, runs past some shrubbery and some statues.
  • He's being followed. What kind of party is this?
  • Even though Bond looks like he's trying to hide, he fires his gun at his blonde pursuer, which totally gives his position away.
  • Bond creeps around some more, but blondie gets the jump on him from behind.
  • The blonde assassin attempts to strangle Bond with a wire.
  • Actually, scratch the word attempt. The man does strangle Bond, who collapses dead on the ground. Whoa, shortest Bond film ever.
  • Lights come on and a man who has been timing the whole affair approaches.
  • He clocks the assassination at one minute and thirty-two seconds.
  • Then he reaches down and peels away the rubber mask from the dead man on the ground. It wasn't Bond, but a man in disguise.
  • Let's hope Bond can last more than 90 seconds against these deadly assassins.

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