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From Russia With Love Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • The next morning, Bond is catered to by his gypsy girls before departing the camp.
  • Bond accompanies Bey, who's on a mission to exterminate Krilencu.
  • Bey sends his sons to ring Krilencu's doorbell, making this the deadliest game of ding-dong ditch ever.
  • Krilencu attempts to escape through a secret hatch.
  • Bey uses Bond's sniper rifle to plug the man in the back and send him falling to his death.
  • Bond returns to his hotel room, as if this were just another day on the job.
  • As he's undressing for bed, he seems to smell something strange in the room.
  • It doesn't deter him from stripping down and turning on the shower.
  • But a thud catches his attention. Clad only in a bath towel, Bond observes a naked woman sneaking into his bed in the bridal suite.
  • Bond enters the suite and finds Tatiana Romanova in his bed.
  • She insists he call her Tania, but we get the feeling they won't be doing much talking.
  • Before getting down to business, though, Bond insists that Tania provide him with a plan of the consulate to help him steal the Lektor machine.
  • She agrees to give it to him…in the morning.
  • While Bond and Tania begin their, um, negotiations, the camera pans to the other side of the wall, where a bunch of creepy old man watch Bond and Tania through a one-way mirror.
  • Guess this is how perverted old Russians got their kicks before the internet.

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