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From Russia With Love Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • In the morning, Bond and Tania pretend to be tourists and visit St. Sophia's cathedral.
  • Tania seems unaware she's being followed by the Bulgarian guy who followed Bond at the airport.
  • Bond sees the man watching Tania as she hides the plans near a column for Bond to find.
  • The man goes for the plans, but he's knocked out by Grant, the blonde assassin.
  • Why is this guy helping Bond so much? Isn't he supposed to kill him?
  • Bond retrieves the plans and takes them to Bey to compare the plans with Bey's blueprints.
  • Bey thinks the whole plan seems too easy, but his suspicions aren't enough to deter Bond.
  • Bond meets Tania aboard a ferry, where he questions her about the Lektor machine.
  • She accuses him of wanting only the machine, not her. She may be beautiful, but she's not dumb.
  • He assures her that they'll be able to see each other more after he has the machine.
  • She agrees to tell him all about the machine. Maybe she is dumb.
  • Bond has Tania talk into a camera, which is a recording device that broadcasts their conversation back to MI6 headquarters.
  • M sends Bond a telegram that says Tania's descriptions appear to be accurate. He should go ahead with the deal. Let's see what's behind door number 2…

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