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From Russia With Love Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • A checkered cab deposits Bond at the Russian consulate. Everyone asks him for his visa. They must not accept MasterCard.
  • From beneath the building, Bey triggers an explosion, which creates quite the diversion for James to explore the facility.
  • He quickly finds Tania with the Lektor machine and removes it from the building. Good thing it comes with a handy carrying case.
  • Bond and Tania flee underground. Their escape route is blocked by a flood of squeaking rats, so Bey leads them out an alternate exit.
  • They run through the streets—because that won't attract attention—to the train station.
  • They board a train, but Tania realizes that Benz, the Russian security man, has spotted them.
  • As the train leaves the station, Benz jumps aboard.
  • Bey shows them to their cabin, where he gives them new passports.
  • Their new identities: a married couple named Somerset.
  • Bond leaves. He tells Tania to keep the door locked. He'll knock three times if he wants her. (She'll knock twice on the pipe if the answer is no.)
  • Bey's plan is to take the train to the Bulgarian frontier, where his sons are waiting with a car. Better not be a Benz.
  • Bond returns to the cabin. He presents Tania with a gift: a suitcase full of skimpy lingerie.
  • Meanwhile, in the corridor, Bey sees Benz searching for Bond by listening at the door.
  • Bey fetches Bond to take him to the dining car for a drink.
  • He informs Bond that Benz is on the train, and he promises to distract the man until it's time to get off the train.
  • By "distract" he means show up at his cabin with a gun.
  • Bond and Bey disarm Benz, gag him, and restrain him in his cabin.
  • With Benz out of commission, Bond returns to the cabin to fetch Tania. On his way, he doesn't notice that the blonde assassin is aboard the train too. Who isn't on this train?

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