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From Russia With Love Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • "Mr. and Mrs. Somerset" finally head to the dining car for that drink.
  • But they're interrupted by a man who tells Bond that Kerim Bey has been involved in a terrible accident.
  • Bond visits the room where Bey was holding Benz captive and discovers both men have been murdered.
  • Bond bribes the train conductor to keep Bey's death a secret.
  • They're keeping it so secret, in fact, that the train doesn't stop in Bulgaria, where it's supposed to.
  • Bey's son watches the train speed by.
  • Bond returns to the cabin. He believes that Tania's responsible for Bey's death, and he decides to slap the truth out of her.
  • Tania swears she did not know Bey would be killed. Yeah, right.

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