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From Russia With Love Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Next stop: Belgrade.
  • Grant follows Bond as he steps off the train for a smoke. Is this the end of the line for 007?
  • Bond is approached by one of Bey's sons, and Bond must break the news to him that dad's dead.
  • Bond asks the man to send a message to M: Have some backup from station "Y" meet in Zagreb. Man, that's a lot of letters.
  • When the conductor shouts, "All aboard," Bond returns aboard.
  • After a brief montage, we find ourselves in Zagreb. That was fast.
  • Bond departs, and the blonde assassin resumes his pursuit.
  • He approaches Bond and introduces himself as Agent Nash, the guy sent by M.
  • Bond takes him to his cabin for a private chat. He says he can't risk taking his luggage through the Yugoslavia-Trieste border.
  • Nash suggests they jump off the train. Bond needs another agent to give him that bright idea? You first, Nash.
  • Nash wants a meal first. Leaping off a train makes you hungry.
  • Bond sends Nash with Tania to the dining car.
  • While they're gone, Bond searches Nash's briefcase. Shirt, tie, spare underwear, gun. All normal travel things.
  • A few minutes later, Bond joins Nash and Tania for dinner.
  • Tania's strangely quiet, so Bond orders her dinner for her.
  • At dinner, Nash "accidentally" knocks over Tania's wine. When he refills it, he drugs her drink.
  • She passes out back in the cabin.
  • Bond leaves her on the couch and retires next door with Nash.
  • In the next room, Bond pulls a gun on Nash. Turns out when you drug someone's drink in plain sight, it gets noticed.
  • Not dropping cover, Nash tells Bond that his escape route is "only for one" and he wants to know if Bond is after the girl or the Lektor machine. Looks like he'll have to choose one.
  • Nash shows Bond a map of the train route and explains his plan.
  • But as he's doing so, he removes a gun from his sock and knocks Bond out with its hilt.
  • With Bond out cold, Nash strips him of his gun, his money, and his cigarettes. Maybe he just wants Bond to stop smoking.

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