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From Russia With Love Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Bond regains consciousness, and Nash holds him at gunpoint.
  • Bond realizes that Nash is a secret agent, but for whom?
  • At first he thinks Nash works for SMERSH, the funniest named Soviet counterintelligence agency ever.
  • Nash denies it, and Bond realizes Nash must work for SPECTRE, and they're pitting the British against the Russians.
  • Nash admits he's been Bond's "guardian angel," keeping him alive until Bond could deliver the Lektor to him.
  • That done, Bond and Tania are now expendable.
  • The assassin explains that Bond and Tania will not only be killed, but they'll have evidence planted on them to frame Bond as a murderer.
  • Bond asks Nash what lunatic asylum SPECTRE got him from.
  • Nash slaps Bond, although we have to admit, it hardly looks as painful as when Bond hit Tania.
  • Bond offers to double Nash's pay to get him to defect from SPECTRE. Nash declines.
  • But when Bond offers to pay him fifty gold sovereigns for a cigarette, Nash agrees.
  • He forces Bond to open the suitcase and show him the money.
  • Feeling greedy, Nash wonders if Bond has even more cash in his other case.
  • He opens it without flipping the safety switch, triggering the case's gas mechanism.
  • Bond disarms Nash and the two get into a vicious fist fight.
  • Nash gets the upper hand and attempts to strangle Bond with a wire, just like he killed the Bond lookalike in the film's opening scene.
  • Bond fares better than his doppelganger. He manages to retrieve a hidden knife and stab Nash to death with it.
  • Bond retrieves all his things, even the wad of cash Nash had taken from him.
  • Crime doesn't pay, Shmoopers.

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