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From Russia With Love Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • The train grinds to a halt just where Nash said it would.
  • Bond wakes Tania and manages to get her off the train.
  • Nash has a man waiting for him in a truck, but Bond knocks the man out and steals his ride.
  • He leaves Tania in the truck bed and makes a break for the border.
  • He better drive fast. In the morning, a helicopter drops grenades on Bond.
  • Good thing they have terrible aim.
  • Bond leaves the truck in an attempt to distract the chopper.
  • His plan works. The helicopter pilot literally tries to dive bomb Bond four times.
  • Make that five times.
  • When the copter makes its sixth pass, Bond hides under a rock, takes aim, and shoots the co-pilot with his sniper rifle.
  • The co-pilot drops his grenade, which explodes and takes out the chopper.
  • Note to self: never play hot potato with James Bond.

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