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From Russia With Love Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Bond drives the truck to a waiting boat.
  • He brings Tania and the truck driver, who's regained consciousness, aboard.
  • In the water, Bond dumps the man overboard.
  • He tells Tania they're on their way to Venice.
  • Meanwhile, Number One, the shadowy big bad guy with a white cat in his lap, blames Number Three and Number Five for the plan's failure.
  • He presses a button to summon a man to kill them.
  • The man kicks Number Five with a poisoned blade sticking out of his boot. Number Five dies in twelve seconds.
  • Number One laments the lack of a faster-working venom, but surprisingly, he leaves Number Three alive to plot again another day.
  • Back in the water, Bond pilots the boat on a high-speed chase from SPECTRE men armed with rifle grenades and machine guns.
  • They're predictably terrible shots, but they do manage to puncture all of Bond's spare fuel drums.
  • Bond dumps the drums from the boat and stops the boat to surrender.
  • It's a trick, of course. Bond grabs the flare gun and shoots a flare into one of the fuel drums, blowing them up in a spectacular fashion.
  • The fire consumes the SPECTRE boats in another series of incredible explosions.

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