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From Russia With Love Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • In Venice, Bond relaxes in a swanky hotel with Tania.
  • Number Three enters the room disguised as a maid.
  • Tania recognizes her immediately and stands in shock as she tries to walk out with the Lektor machine.
  • Number Three pulls a gun on Bond and orders Tania to get the door, which she does.
  • Number Three takes Bond's gun and throws it aside. Then she and Tania leave with the Lektor.
  • As Three is about to shoot Bond, Tania tackles her to the ground, disarming her.
  • The old woman deploys the same poisoned foot dagger that was used to kill Number Five.
  • She and Bond fight and she tries to kick Bond in a place where he definitely would not want to be poisoned.
  • Tania grabs a gun from the floor and shoots the old woman dead, saving the day.
  • Happy to be alive, Bond and Tania board a boat and canoodle in the canals of Venice.
  • The end.

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