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From Russia With Love Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Meanwhile, the blond assassin is sunbathing when a voluptuous blonde woman shows up to massage his back with what looks like olive oil. Maybe she'll add some peppers and onions for fajitas.
  • Number Three lands on SPECTRE Island in a helicopter and is given a dossier on the assassin, whose name is Donald Grant.
  • Three walks through the SPECTRE training area to fetch Grant. Men fire machine guns and flamethrowers at live targets and duel each other with sharp machetes. It looks like a sadistic version of Q's lab back in MI6.
  • At the lake, Three summons Grant, who marches up to her wearing little more than a tea towel.
  • She puts on brass knuckles and punches the man in his well-oiled stomach. He barely flinches, proving him to be just the man she wants for the job.

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