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From Russia With Love Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • It's almost twenty minutes in and we finally get our first glimpse of James Bond.
  • And it's quite a glimpse, as he's wrapped up in the arms of a babe, and they're making out on the shores of a river.
  • Bond's tryst is interrupted by an ancient pager's harsh buzzing.
  • He calls headquarters from a phone mounted in his car.
  • On the other end, Miss Moneypenny implores James to get to the office immediately.
  • He tells her he's "reviewing an old case" and he'll be there in an hour and a half.
  • Hanging up the phone, Bond resumes, err, skimming through the case files.
  • Later, Bond shows up at the office fully dressed, where M gives Bond his latest mission.
  • It appears that Tatiana Romanova has contacted MI6 and said she's willing to defect from Russia and provide them with the Lektor machine.
  • She has one condition: that James Bond be the one to pick it up.
  • M summons Q to show Bond the technology he'll carry on this mission.
  • First is a briefcase armed with a throwing knife and a sniper rifle.
  • Next is a tin of talcum powder that's actually a flash grenade.
  • The case is also booby-trapped to explode if someone doesn't open it the proper way.
  • Bond takes his exploding briefcase and exploding powder and leaves the office.
  • Outside, Moneypenny mopes that she's never been to Istanbul.
  • As they flirt, M buzzes the intercom and asks Bond to leave the photograph of Tatiana behind.
  • Bond removes it from his coat pocket and signs it, "From Russia with Love."

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