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From Russia With Love Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Bond's flight lands in Istanbul, where he's picked up by a driver.
  • A bespectacled man in a loud tie watches Bond from behind a plant.
  • In the parking lot, Grant, the blonde assassin, also watches Bond from his parked car.
  • Bond's already attracting a lot of attention. Usually it's women who can't stop looking at him.
  • The driver appears unconcerned that they're being followed. He tells Bond they're being tailed by some Bulgarians working for the Russians, and it's customary that they monitor Turkish activity. In exchange, the British in Turkey follow them.
  • All the spying takes place in the open, removing the need for "secret" in secret service.
  • Bond meets with Kerim Bey, head of Britain's not-so-secret service arm in Istanbul.
  • Bey thinks Bond's wasting his time. But that said, they don't want to miss any opportunity to get their hands on a Lektor machine.

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