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From Russia With Love Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • On the streets of Istanbul, Grant leaves a car conspicuously parked in front of the Russian consulate.
  • When the gatekeeper opens the car door, a dead Russian agent falls out.
  • In another vehicle, Three says that the Russians will suspect the British killed the Russian agent, and that the Cold War is about to heat up.
  • Meanwhile, a voluptuous woman lies on a chaise and chews on her necklace.
  • She tempts Kerim Bey away from his work.
  • Lucky for Bey, as he steps away from his desk, an explosion goes off and reduces half his office to rubble.
  • Bond arrives, and Bey leads Bond into a secret passageway.
  • Deep underground in Constantine's reservoir, Bond and Bey board a boat, which Bey paddles through the catacombs.
  • The passage leads to a periscope beneath the Russian consulate.
  • Together, Bond and Bey spy on a meeting among General Vassili, director of military intelligence; Koslovski, Chief of Security; and Benz, an agent (and heir to a luxury car empire?)
  • There's another man, but Bond can't see his face.
  • Bey tells Bond that Tatiana Romanova sometimes delivers messages to this room.
  • After a few minutes, the fourth man can be seen. Bey identifies him as Krilencu, a Bulgarian assassin.
  • He suspects Krilencu is the one who blew up his office.
  • A girl enters to deliver a note, but Bond can't confirm that she's Romanova because he can't see her face, only her legs. Not that he's complaining.

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