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From Russia With Love Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Bey takes Bond to a Turkish gypsy camp, where someone speaks to Bey in Turkish.
  • He translates for Bond: they've come on the "wrong night," because two women in love with the same man must settle it "the gypsy way."
  • The promise of a girlfight makes Bond's eyes glow. Wrong night? More like best night ever for the superspy.
  • Bond dines while admiring a shimmying belly dancer.
  • She's very flexible and literally bends over backwards to please Bond.
  • When the dance is over, the two feisty gypsy women are brought out of their wagons to claw each other's eyes out.
  • Half-naked, they wrestle, scratch, choke, and pull hair in a raw precursor to GLOW—The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.
  • The wrestling match is cut short when Krilencu's team of assassins invades the gypsy camp.
  • In the hail of gunfire, Kerim Bey is hit in the arm.
  • The blonde assassin watches the action from a hole in the rock wall.
  • Mysteriously, he saves Bond, shooting a man who sneaks up behind the spy to hack him with a machete.
  • One of the assassins tells the gypsies that Bey was their target.
  • A gypsy man whose life Bond saved asks how he can repay him.
  • Bond wants him to stop the gypsy girl fight.
  • The man says Bond can decide who'll win, and that night he brings both girls to Bond's tent.
  • "That could take some time," Bond muses before the screen fades to black.

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