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Ghostbusters Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Entering the library, Venkman talks smack to Ray about all the paranormal research that he and Egon have been doing.
  • Venkman and Ray find Dr. Egon Spengler listening to a table with a weird stethoscope thing in the library reading room.
  • Peter keeps naysaying the whole thing as the three explore the library, even when they find a big mess downstairs… and also some goop, which Egon and Ray say is ectoplasm.
  • Egon and Ray are proven right when they find the ghost of an old lady librarian.
  • Peter tries talking to her, but she doesn't seem interested and shushes them.
  • After that, Ray leads them all in trying to tackle her.
  • That doesn't go too well either as she turns into a crazy skull-thing and scares them away.
  • The would-be Ghostbusters make a hasty retreat down the front steps of the library.

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