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Ghostbusters Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Dana Barett hauls some groceries and her cello down the hall of her apartment building.
  • She's hounded by her geeky accountant neighbor, Louis Tully, who obviously has a crush on her.
  • He invites her to a party he's having, but she doesn't seem all that into it.
  • Louis tells Dana that her TV mysteriously came on while she was gone.
  • Dana ditches Louis and sees a cheesy commercial for the Ghostbusters playing on her TV.
  • Suddenly, eggs start popping from a carton and frying on the counter.
  • Dan hears growling in her fridge.
  • (Never a good sign.)
  • She opens the door and looks into what appears to be a hellish portal to another dimension.
  • There's a big glowing pyramid and a weird dog thing with horns, which seems to be what's doing the growling.

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