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Ghostbusters Rules and Order

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Rules and Order

There's a delicate balance of order and chaos in Ghostbusters. Though their mission is to bring order by busting ghosts, the Ghostbusters are constantly getting into trouble with every authority figure they come into contact with, whether its university administration, the cops, or the EPA.

Ultimately, though, they defeat Gozer, a god of chaos, whose only goal is to cause destruction on Earth. With the Ghostbusters, we see a journey from outlaws to heroes, from guys who disrupt the mainstream to guys who keep the mainstream flowing on its merry way.

Questions About Rules and Order

  1. In what ways can the Ghostbusters legitimately be considered menaces to an orderly society? In what ways are they the ultimate bringers of order?
  2. Which characters most clearly represent the force of order in the movie?
  3. How do the Ghostbusters earn badges of authority?
  4. In what ways is Gozer the ultimate representation of chaos in the film?

Chew on This

Ironically, the Ghostbusters often cause chaos while trying to bring order.

By conquering Gozer, a god of chaos, the Ghostbusters ultimately become bringers of order.

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