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Gigi Liane (Eva Gabor)

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Liane (Eva Gabor)

The butt of the joke, the broken-hearted cheater with a penchant for handsome skating instructors—that's Liane, Gaston's latest. Her character is more shallow than a kiddie pool. But when Gaston, full of "masculine pride" leaves her crying at Honfleur? We'll admit to weeping briefly on her behalf. She can't do anything to save face except make a dramatic suicide attempt in an effort to attract some sympathy. She's done it before.

Liane's character is there to show us about Gaston and how things work in his world. It makes us feel protective of Gigi, who's on deck to be the next victim.

Worry not: Liane did get the last laugh, or at least the actress playing her did. Eva Gabor would go on to live a lush life, continuing her movie career, starring in a popular 60s fish-out-of-water sitcom called Green Acres and marrying no less than five men.

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