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Gigi Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

A montage of illustrated gossip pages:

  • "Gaston Lachaille Opens Pre Catalan for Gigantic Part," dissolves into Gaston at a party, pointing gaily as a performer enters on horseback. When the camera cuts back to Gaston, he's yawning.
  • "Who Will Be Gaston Lachaille's Queen at the Battle of the Flowers?" dissolves into Gaston riding in a flower-bedecked carriage beside a beautiful woman, catching a bouquet. The woman begins to sneeze as Gaston's grin wanes and he offers her a hanky.
  • "2000 Guests Invited to Gaston Lachaille's Masqued Ball" dissolves into a party scene full of costumed revelers, as HonorĂ© (dressed as a devil, natch), looks for Gaston, who's conked out in his harlequin outfit.

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