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Gigi Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • A page reading "Gaston Lachaille Buys Out Paris Opera to Entertain in His Home" is turned by a gloved hand snapping string beans.
  • The hand is revealed to be Gigi's as she sits at home helping her grandmother prepare dinner. She reads the headline to her as the doorbell clangs.
  • At the door, it's Gaston asking if her grandmother is home. Gigi takes Gaston's hat and cane and does a little dance with them.
  • Gaston gives Gigi a box of caramels and Madame Alvarez a bottle of champagne.
  • Gaston brushes off concerns that he'll spoil his hands and helps Gigi snap beans. She shows him how to do it correctly.
  • She asks him where he's going "in that beautiful tie." He says he's hosting a "small farewell dinner party for 200," since he's going away for the weekend to the beach at Trouville.
  • Gigi wants to know what they'll have for dinner at the party, and Gaston answers "filet of sole, with mussels for a change, and lamb with truffles, it's always the same. It can't compare with your grandmother's cassoulet."
  • Madame Alvarez invites Gaston to stay. He'll send his car (waiting outside) with a note to the party not to wait for him. HonorĂ© can be the host.
  • Gigi asks if she can ride over with the note, and Gaston says she can. She kisses him on the head in gratitude.
  • After Gigi leaves, Madame Alvarez tells Gaston that she worries Gigi's taking advantage of him.
  • Gigi's mother sings scales in the background.
  • Madame Alvarez asks after HonorĂ©, and the two talk about how busy Gaston's been lately. She's been following his social capers in the gossip rags. "It's what's expected of me," Gaston says, sighing at the heavy responsibility of it all.

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