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Gigi Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Later that same evening, Gaston and Gigi sit in the parlor playing cards.
  • Gigi whistles, as Gaston makes a bet for "10 pounds of sugar." Gigi proposes playing instead for something more valuable, like candy.
  • Gaston asks if she'd like silk stockings, but Gigi says no, she'd either like a corset or a new roll for the player piano.
  • Madame Alvarez pops the champagne.
  • Then Gigi proposes that if she wins she'll be allowed to come to Trouville with Gaston. Gaston agrees that he'll take both of them to the beach.
  • Gigi asks for a glass of champagne. Madame Alvarez says no but Gaston slides his own glass over to Gigi. She takes a healthy sip, and slides it back.
  • Gaston goes through a lengthy explanation of what cards Gigi must have and how he's winning, only to lose. Playfully, Gaston accuses Gigi of cheating, and she asks him whether they'll go to Trouville.
  • He says yes, and she leaps into his lap, stealing more champagne as he spanks her on the bottom and professes that he has more fun with her than anyone else in Paris. We bet.
  • As the music swells, Gigi asks excitedly what Trouville will be like and the three sing "The Night They Invented Champagne."
  • Gigi tickles Gaston and pours more champagne for the "adults" while singing.
  • She dances around with a flower in her mouth, pulling up Madame Alvarez to dance as Gaston sings and joins in.
  • As Madame Alvarez and Gaston dance, Gigi swallows a glass of champagne and burps comically.
  • (Young teens getting drunk and being spanked by older society men? Ah, the good old days.)

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